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Best Gaming Laptop under 1500

Laptops are the choice for people who want portability, ease of use and it is also the favorite of gamers. To help you select the wheat from the chaff, here we present the best gaming laptop under 1500.

When shopping for most of your tech gadgets, even for simple games. it is difficult to choose which is the best, especially if money is an important consideration. When it comes to buying gaming laptops, especially if you are aiming to level up your gaming experience, you will be choosing several options that will certainly affect your gaming style, and ultimately how you will enjoy playing your latest favorite game title, whether you are playing solo or with your team online. However, in reality, the most powerful gaming laptop is not always affordable for you.

The Internet is full of listings of the best gaming laptop under 1500 and we know how confusing it can be in selecting what you want. We know we can deliver to any type of gamers so let us harness our sources and remove your lingering doubts which one to select.

Competitive Quality Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500

This gaming laptop is billed as a mid-range budget model and as such should be able to give you good image resolution and could allow the types of games you want to play and you expect for this range. The specs are decent for its types. It could be your gaming machine if you go for what looks to be an aggressive-look, especially with its Predator logo and angular visual aspect. The backlit keyboard is a plus.

The 1080p display resolution coupled with a 144Hz refresh rate is the perfect combination, just as the gaming doctor ordered. The IPS LCD screen is shown to have better color reproduction and viewing angles. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics with 6GB dedicated GDDR6 VRAM functions perfectly as a graphics card and certainly enhance your overall gaming experience.

Rate: 5 / 5



  • Great quality screen
  • Great gaming performance
  • Fair value


  • Feeble speakers
  • Loud cooling fans
  • Relatively slow SSD

This ASUS VivoBook Pro 17 Thin Gaming Laptop prides itself as having a newer 8th generation Intel Core i7 8565u1.8Ghz which can be enhanced up to 4.6Hz in turbo mode. It can handle 4K UHD playback smoothly and uninterruptedly without hiccups.  With the installed NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, you can be sure of enjoying powerful, flawless visuals during any game you play.

The backlit keyboard enhances the total game immersion. The usual stylish packaging we expect from ASUS is also equipped with multimedia essentials ensuring a powerful gaming laptop experience through unprecedented performance within the mid-tier budget.

rystal-clear audio developed in cooperation with Harman Kardon is delivered through the ASUS SonicMaster software and paired with stereo speakers. Included are the ever-important cooling technology with intelligent dual fans to help laptop keep cool and your gaming on a hot streak and when on the go, fast-charging feature to complete all your tasks in any type of battlefield. The VivoBook Pro 17 features up to 10x read/write speeds, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi to complement your fast-paced gaming style.

Rate: 4.5 / 5



  • Plenty of connectivity choices for a wide range of components
  • Features security enhancement through a fingerprint reader
  • Comes with ASUS One-Year Accidental Damage Protection


  • Short battery life

Asus has come up with a balanced and certified focused rig with emphasis on playing games with the ASUS FX504GE-ES52 TUF Gaming Laptop. It is marketed for the budget to mid-range gaming laptops. The gaming immersion experience is powerful and certainly, on-point specifically with its 120 HZ screen, hardware specs, audio, red-backlit keyboard and now with the ASUS proprietary Anti-Dust Cooling (ADC) system. Combined with all these components, you are secured that your invests provide you with long and stable performance. 

The TUF in its name means The Ultimate Force, which incorporates all that is best in gaming laptops, toughness, ease in multitasking, longevity, gritty and action rendering of all cinematic scenes thanks to its graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.  You thus expect your laptop to have top-notch performance always. You will have a whale of a time in either both in play or work if ever want to use it in any of your virtual or real worlds. You can choose but you will never compromise on your performance. 

Rate: 4.3 / 5



  • Quiet even with the daily operation
  • Nice design lines
  • Fast wireless
  • Great trackpad and keyboard


  • Limited viewing especially on vertical angles
  • Becomes warm with the daily operation
  • Noisy fans during heavy use

You will never be faced with so many alternatives, models, prices within your budget, and other options if it is not about making the right choices at the right time. This gaming laptop has never come at the right time and opportunity now if you want to get a serious gaming laptop that will leave you stunned in your gaming experience.

Your gamer persona will be so powerful to annihilate your virtual opponents in any arena, court, or battleground, what with Intel Optane assisting you for faster game launches and start-ups. With the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card and Dolby Audio installed and running in the rig, the visuals you see during your games are near realistic as possible and the sound you hear will never be so mediocre as you blast your enemies to kingdom come every time. But if you want a quiet time for when you want to be serious in work, the Lenovo Ideapad L340 can switch you to a “quiet” mode – where its looks, feels and acts adapts to your preferences. And now that privacy issues can be a serious issue for even serious gamers, it has the option to shut off your webcam and keep your private things as they should be private. The ambient backlit keyboard will complete your transformation. 

Battle-scarred online veterans also need rests but in case you are the indefatigable one, this laptop’s 9 hours battery juice can last as you want. Your eyes can also rest as needed as you can take R & R for a while courtesy of Lenovo Vantage’s Eye Care Mode.

Rate: 4.1 / 5



  • Nice gaming performance
  • Respectable battery life
  • Good GPU temperatures


  • Subpar trackpad performance
  • Inadequate CPU cooling

You will never find a game-ready gaming laptop in your budget as the ASUS ASUS FX505DD-AB71-CA TUF. During your games, you will not renege from any levels or tasks your commander assigns to you. You can take advantage of the focused firepower you can use to your advantage, any time, anywhere, courtesy of the latest GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU, your choice of the graphics card, the AMD Ryzen chipset and Turing shaders will make mincemeat of any gaming and live-streaming requirements you need.

The AMD Ryzen uses SensiMi which works in adjusting the right mix of power and battery life, which means ultimate firepower in all your gaming experience. While other gaming laptops have come with standard components, this laptop is built above tougher than the standard that we have been seen before.  ASUS has made sure that it will survive harsh and rough varied games conditions through The Ultimate Force (TUF), the ASUS initiated testing protocols will make sure that any player will reach and survive beyond their limits.

The IPS-type nano edge display provides ample viewing angles, making ensure that each scene you see is comfortable to watch, what ASUS describes as “extreme immersion on an ultrafast display.”  And what gaming laptop is worth having without virtual immersive audio through high-fidelity 7.1 channel sound system. – which you can have through the DTS Headphone X technology. The durable backlit keyboard which ASUS has rated for 20-million keystroke is a grand addition to your games.

Rate: 4.0 / 5



  • Plenty of I/O ports for gaming peripherals.
  • Data transfer rates of up to 1.7Gbps.
  • Ample battery backup power


  • Lacks ample space on it

Everything about this laptop screams high-quality features – from style, creativity, and technology innovation. But of course, no gamer will stop until she or he will have all they can have the latest components. However, suffice to say the ASUS ZenBook 13 can still fill and satisfy their cravings even in this budget. But let yourself be assured that the next wave of their tech candies will be in a long time in coming.

Attention to detail is not wanting as ASUS as not spared anything to make sure that the games you play in this gaming laptop has the essentials components, from the NanoEdge display design that is a wonder to many gamers’ eyes to the most tech-innovative keyboard this side of the world – an automatically tilting keyboard that gives you the easiest typing position ever. 

It is a gamer’s superior gaming laptop overall, a premium rig in a compact package with comes with a great display screen, powered by Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card, a keyboard you will surely love, and a performance and gaming experience you will appreciate the more you use your gaming laptop each day.

Rate: 3.8 / 5



  • Plenty of I/O ports for gaming peripherals.
  • Data transfer rates of up to 1.7Gbps.
  • Ample battery backup power


  • Lacks ample space on it

As far as battle tried and true performance is concerned, you will never go wrong with the Acer Canada AN515-51-504A gaming laptop, especially at this budget range. All virtual commanders aspire to achieve total domination of their enemies, amass all kinds of armaments and gather pertinent intel to ensure virtual global victory – all these are possible to you in the games you play, courtesy of this ACER laptop. Some of the firepower disposal to you are Acer’s TrueHarmony and Dolby audio, both premium standard components, as well as high definition screen using IPS display. For more powerhouse games performance, it has a whopping 16GB DDR4 memory and 256GB SSD including dual-fan cooling through Acer Coolboost engineering for intensive games and battle action.

You wouldn’t want to lose your cool in the middle of a fiery action and this kind of extra cooling power is just what you need to go onward to victory.  The red-backlit keyboard complements the ambiance of being on the battlefield. The dedicated Intel graphics card with 4000 GB VRAM well enough to handle any kind of graphics-intensive missions you may go through.

Rate: 3.7 / 5



  • Excellent value for money
  • Enough number of ports
  • Can play most of the new game titles even at high settings


  • Poor keyboard layout
  • Subpar screen quality and brightness

The MSI GL63 8SC-059 is apparently from earlier model year although, in comparison with other later models, this gaming laptop is still at par when it comes to thermals, audio, and overall performance, considering the budget you are considering. 

It belongs to the mid-range tier but still worth mentioning their strong elements. It boasts of 15.6” FHD Wideview Anti-glare display. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 4G GDDRS and paired with Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8750H up to the 8th Gen, six-core. Hardware comes with 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State. It comes with a single red color, backlit keyboard. You can still play games as used to be played.

Rate: 3.6 / 5



  • Great quality keyboard, with per-key RGB lightning depending on model
  • Excellent overclocking
  • Outstanding thermals quality
  • Forcefully speakers


  • Not updated bulky design
  • Limited availability, only 60 Hz IPS or 120 HZ TN panel options

The ASUS GL503GE-RS71 ROG Strix Scar Gaming Laptop is famed as a war games machine and you will be so very on the dot in this description, on the budget or not. It is designed to shoot to kill your every virtual target as it inspired by the armaments used by special elite forces. You can rest assured by this Strix SCAR iteration is in the same mold that spawned the cold, cunning and dark forces that you want to engender in your online gaming spectacles.

This sure-fire firepower comes from the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor which at 1080p makes it quite able to play most if not all the latest titles in HD resolution and medium detail settings. The CPU’s base clock speed is a bit low, but you can set the turbo mode, which enhances the 2 cores and dynamically overclock the system up to 3.2 GHz. The GTX 1050 Ti 4GB dedicated graphics card renders unprecedented powerful gaming action. The stereo speakers are decent while the standard equipped fan makes noise quite relatively bearable. The RGB backlit keyboard is a stunning addition to your setup.

Rate: 3.5 / 5



  • Elegant, solid design and craftsmanship
  • Superior display
  • Fair performance of the cooling system
  • Good connectivity


  • Subpar track-pad and buttons
  • Limited capacity battery

The ASUS FX504GM-AB71-CA Gaming Laptop is bolted in its position as among the best mid-range budget models. Its reputation has solid performance and battery life is above par compared to other batteries with the same features. It has the same genealogy as other ASUS gaming laptops that share The Ultimate Force DNA – which means it inspires awe and fear to any of your virtual enemy’s hearts. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card paired with the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 chipset, this laptop is more than able in playing and multitasking with more to spare, which guarantees smooth performance in graphics, audio, start-ups, and program launches. 

Wi-fi connection is a breeze – with the Intel 802,11 ac Wave 2 that features data transfer rates in more than 1.6 Gbps.  And if you are enthralled with red-backlit keyboard for your gaming, ASUS rated this keyboard at 20-million keystrokes.  Talk about the durability in pounding those keys even your most demanding games.

Rate: 3.4 / 5



  • A reasonable option for the price
  • NVMe SSD support
  • Nice back-lit keyboard


  • Poor overall design
  • Low-quality battery life

Choosing The Best Value Gaming Laptop

At the end of the day, choosing the best value gaming laptop depends on what you want, what you need and ultimately, what you can afford. It doesn’t mean whether you use if it for games or business.   If it’s for games, then let the gamers in you and your teams have the gaming experience to top all gaming experience in your lifetime.  However, all three factors will weigh on what you will choose, whether you favor one or the other, or you will compromise over one over the other.  But lastly, you will need to decide how each of the options stacks over each other. You would decide which you would have the best value in terms of the components’ form and performance. You would want these two to blend and as much as possible, as to be balanced as you would like. To give you an example: would you prefer to spend on, one with a backlit keyboard or with a plain keyboard?

One of the most intriguing questions regarding powerful gaming laptops especially for all types of gamers is how long will they last?  In considering that you have bought all the latest technologies in components and peripherals available in the market, is it remotely possible to consider that that laptop you bought today will last for games more than 5 years? The smart answer, as many savvy techies will give is that 2 years is the best guesstimate.  Having said that, however, it will not be an impossibility to extend its life to about 5 years. If you know what or how to maintain your rig or know somebody who can maintain it for you reasonably well then you can probably expect, theoretically a 10-year lifespan. But realistically, even such a powerful gaming laptop with that age could have been considered already as an ancient laptop in that advanced year.

One decision you will have to wrestle with choosing the best value gaming laptop now is what you want. Gamers will play games, without a doubt.  But how long can you play the latest title, with all the bells and whistles and still believe that it can you derive the best immersive gaming experience the longest time and sustain your interest? Or will playing just one Solitaire will be sufficient? Or perhaps even with that, you will still want a backlit keyboard? The gaming laptop you want is one you wish you have to have, either right now or something you are saving for. You can still survive with what you bought two years ago but getting the latest will certainly make your gaming world a vastly enjoyable one.

In terms of the needs of your games, how much you are willing to invest in a gaming laptop, and it’s not only because of money. Needs involve your basic gaming requirements that must be fulfilled so you can survive both in your real and virtual worlds. So you need to eliminate all your enemies in the arena or battleground of your choice and to do that and succeed, you must have the latest AMD or Intel processor, a backlit keyboard may be, based on your smart investigations. For you then, one or the other will only do or nothing at all. And that’s only for chipsets. How about your choices about motherboards? There as many choices as there are manufacturers and your needs are as varied as they are available too.

Now comes the truth, which could be the easiest or the hardest to make in choosing the best value gaming laptop For some it could be the easiest because money is not a scarce resource. Then for them, the one with all the bells and whistles is the best. However, for some, it is a question of how much they have them in their pockets. Do your financial sources can sustain what you want and need? Realistically, your decision will depend on what you have at hand but when it comes to what you will enjoy, be better to decide whether you can live with yourself with whatever you decide or with what can you comprise and leave it at that.

The Best Gaming Laptop for 1500 for 2019

The options for the best gaming laptop for 1500 for 2019 is based on the subjective reports of what you can read on online reviews. However having said that, let us give some pertinent pointers that can help guide you to make a wise and smart choice in your quest within this budget for a powerful gaming laptop.

First off, we have said the price, for 1500, which gives us an idea that we are looking for a mid-range budget gaming laptop. This means that the laptop we are looking for will come with more than decent specs that can play most of the latest game titles even at the highest game settings.

Such a gaming laptop may have more than above great specs in terms of motherboard, central processor, memory or RAM, ample storage space and upwards of standard transfer rate which could either be HDD or SSD (or a hybrid), audio, graphics cards, a backlit keyboard that can display stunning videos and images, cooling fans that can handle above-average temperature fluctuations during the most intensive battles, skirmishes and attacks. Audio and visuals in this tier are to be expected to immerse you in an impressive virtual world visually and aurally.  In short this gaming laptop while still the budget we are looking at, could already be considered as power gaming machines. Even hardcore gaming enthusiasts can be pleased with this type of laptop.

And if you are brand conscious, you will always have plenty of choices and each one of them offers warranties to make sure your purchase is covered against component defects and even personnel that handle customer complaints.

Having a gaming laptop in this price range could be reasonably spec-ed with a suite of gaming software essentials, premium build, and design quality. Are you asking for a backlit keyboard? Of course, you can have one even multicolored or monochromatic if you care. Could we ask for more? Of course but remember, you will get what you give. 


Ever since we had the idea to bring those bulky personal computers out of the house, our techies and engineers have found ways to make them thinner, lighter but always with the goal to make them more powerful, more faster, and more exciting to play with all the latest processor, graphics cards, software and game titles or can imagine, a backlit keyboard. With each new generation of components,  we started to have all sorts of things to use laptops for, for business, for studies and research, and all kinds of applications anyone can think of that laptops can be make doing easier and better.

Gaming laptops will always at the vanguard of powerful innovations and technology and this is because gamers always look for ways to push the envelope of gaming. Nevertheless, there will always those who will want to get the best value for their money. The best bet is to look for the best gaming laptop under 1500.  Gamers from all walks of life and persuasions will always celebrate their victors in the virtual world but with the elan and enthusiasm of the old world conquerors in the modern world.  

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