Name of the game

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Clever Endeavour Games / Clever Endeavour Games

Release Date: 03/04/2016
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Genre Nomination: Best PC Game



Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer where you build the level as you play, taking turns placing traps and hazards and trying to screw your friends out of a win. Each turn, place more items in the level before running through, and try to create a level that's just barely too hard for your friends, but easy enough for you. If everyone reaches the end of the level, no one gets any points, so be dangerous!



Android, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Game Nomination (Genre)

Best PC Game

Game Nomination (Additional Categories)

Best Animation, Best Art Direction, Best Game Design, Best Game Innovation, Best Indie Game, Best Musical Score, Game of the Year, Best Canadian-Made Game